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Strategic Planning

When appointed as the PCO, Promaco Conventions will establish a strategic & risk elimination plan for the upcoming event. Promaco Conventions will also supply the Steering Committee with a suggested timeline and action plan to make sure that key marketing dates and other milestone events are met. Promaco Conventions has a well-established supplier base that assists not only in meeting tight deadlines but works with every budget and is flexible if needing be.

Venue Sourcing & Management

Promaco Conventions is familiar with many venues in Switzerland. We will negotiate the best deal for you and ensure suitability for conference requirements in regards to rooms, access, catering and technical aspects including audio visual requirements.

Conference Promotion

For every product to be successful, publicising and marketing is essential. Promaco Conventions has a good record of increasing delegate numbers through regular marketing via internet, direct mailing, advertising in professional and industry journals and at appropriate conferences leading up to the event.

Full Secreteriat Service

The Event Manager will be available at all times to liaise with the Steering Committee, attend all meetings, taking minutes and provide reports on all matters as required; including timeline and budget progress. Promaco Conventions will set up an available folder on the web for all committee members to access the current needed documents. The committee also has the opportunity of requesting an access code to the registration software and download any reports with live data.

Delegate Registration

Correct registration of delegates is the essential hub of any conference from the creation of the website to the registration desk on the day. All registration details including workshops, recommendations, tours etc. are processed through the events system enabling regular reports to be made available to the committee.

Program Design

Promaco Conventions feels that it is important that they are involved in the conference program and that their experience is utilised, particularly in regards to speakers and their requirements, chair persons and the social compontent of the event. This is again a critical area similar to registration.


This is a key part of the conference and exhibitors, like sponsors, have to be given special attention. Depending upon the number of exhibitors, a floor plan will be designed that gives appropriate exposure to each exhibitor. Poster boards can be incorporated in the display.

Promaco Conventions’ sponsorship program development and implementation, including marketing the sponsorship program to agreed target organisations will maximise sponsorship money for the event.

Social Event Services

Social program development and management, which may include dinner and/or special event elements, are a key strength of Promaco Conventions. We will also take care of the accompanying person program for the conference and make recommendations for activities to be offered to partners of delegates. Promaco Conventions will incorporate details of approved social events and field trips into conference program materials.

Abstract Management

Promaco Conventions has got vast experience in abstract management and has managed conferences with well over 500 abstracts (double blind reviewed). The management of paper coordination and reviews requires strict timeframes and close monitoring of reviewers to be able to guarantee a successful program for the conference.

Accommodation & Travel

Accommodation management will include booking services for all attending guests to your Conference.

Promaco Conventions will negotiate and develop an accommodation package for delegates, which contains 5-star, 4-star, 3-star and apartment options within the local area of the conference venue and close proximity to a variety of transport.

Speaker Liaison

Promaco Conventions will contact speakers, once approved and advised by the organising committee to ensure contact details are correct and to confirm (as the program is approved) details of their presentation (time, date, location). Promaco Conventions will provide on-site services and support for speakers as agreed with the Conference Committee.

Promaco Conventions believes that maintaining regular and timely contact with speakers is crucial for a successful Conference.

Onsite Event Support

Trained and experienced staff will operate the registration desk and will attend to the needs of speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Committee members will be able to enjoy the conference and not have to worry about operational matters.

Financial Management

Preparation and maintenance of the conference budget in association with the organising committee will be undertaken by Promaco Conventions. This will include receiving of all monies, banking and the production of regular reports. No financial decisions are made without one of the Conference Chairs signing off.  
Promaco Conventions will prepare a detailed budget with costs for Committee approval.  The budget will be monitored and reviewed as necessary.

Risk assesement and event insurance

Promaco Conventions is a strong believer in taking up conference insurance and different package options will be disscused.

Risk assessment is an important part of any conference. Conferences are launched to take advantage of opportunities and with these opportunities come uncertainty and risk. The risk management plan addresses the process behind risk management and allows the Committee to identify, categorize, prioritize, and mitigate or avoid these risks ahead of time

Post Event Evaluation

A final financial report will be provided suitable for audit purposes. We have been audited on numerous occasions and been commended on our clear system. We also undertake online delegate surveys and evaluation for assistance with the next event.​

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